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We’re PASSIONATE about SOLVING your business problems. We use our SMART  Values and SMART  Methodologies to deliver SMART  Solutions tailored specifically to your needs.


We happily share our philosophy so our clients know what to expect when engaging in our services.

 Scales of Justice


Service - Simple. We deliver Excellence in Service second to none. Our clients receive our best efforts…always. 

Morality - Integrity is the core of our business. We pride ourselves on exceeding requirements and delivering full-spectrum solutions while operating with honor. To compromise out ethics is not an option.

The ART of our values...Extensive Training and decades of Executive-Level Experience is the essence of our craft. This is what separates us from other consulting firms.

Acumen and Agility - We leverage our multi-faceted, honed skills to deliver results while remaining agile in an ever-changing environment. We continuously seek out new and innovative technologies and methodologies to better serve our clients.

Responsibility - We fully analyze your business needs and have the courage relay the facts without all the fluff. We are accountable for our actions and ensure that we deliver on time, every time. We keep our promises to our clients and alliance partners.

Trusted Agent - We mean business and heavily rely on our values and performance. We are your go-to Trusted Agent…what’s next and how can we help?



Strategy - We listen, assess, triage, confirm goals and requirements, and develop tailored strategies to fit your needs. We do NOT deliver cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all improvement plans. Unlike most transformation, turnaround, and consulting firms, we believe defining WHAT and establishing WHO are critical to success. What services do you provide? What is your mission? Who are you and who are the personnel within the organization? Who are your clients and customers?

Momentum (Maximizing the Moment through Movement) - There is no time like the present. Having a strategy is great but implementation is key. Transforming your business depends on actual movement. We will guide you through the process and assure you reach your goals.

The ART of our Methodology…Many can develop a strategy. But can they deliver a SMART Solution?

Actions vs. Activities - We dig deep to uncover the necessary actions that drive business success versus wasteful, time-consuming activities. We use Lean and other proven methods to refocus your efforts on essentials raising effectiveness and increasing the bottom-line.

Results - We develop milestones and metrics to gauge success. We eliminate the guesswork (Are we there, yet?) by defining transformation goals and continuously measuring performance. We will guide you through the change management process to win support from all stakeholders within and outside the organization and lock in new standards.

Training - We understand that a successful organization must have a robust training program. The program must be accessible and cover all necessary policies, tools, techniques, and procedures.  M2 is an Authorized Training Partner with VMEdu, a premier Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) for the Project Management Institute and professional training platform. We offer a state-of-the-art Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) complete with a wide-array of customizable computer-based and instructor-led training courses. Our commitment to training and your ultimate success is paramount.

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